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Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day 2019 Group Photo


Front: Mary Zolandz, Capt. Bob Zolandz

Back(L-R) 1st Lt Bob Vanselow, John Anderson, Norb Mimier, Denis Roth, Jim Cook, Ed King, Commander Tim Baranzyk, 2nd Lt Dan Baker, Rob Hamby

Memorial Day-Working the Kitchen

 Stan Pinkowski, Mike Matusewic, Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast starting from the basic

Stan Pinkowski, Mike Matusewic,

Starting with the basics

Memorial Day Manning the Grill

Grilling the Pancakes

These are the people manning the Grill for the Pancake Breakfast



Memorial Day Serving Line for Pancake Breakfast

Memorial Day Serving line

These were the people manning the serving line for the Pancake Breakfast