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News as of February 2017


The  Veterans Memorial to be built in Greendale is always in need of money  in order to make the construction begin. Bob ZOLANDZ, who is our 1st  Vice Commander and Firing Squad Captain, made the following suggestion.  He said, "We have approximately 600 members at our post. If 80% or 480  members bought a brick, we would have $48,000 towards completing the  memorial." So, to all of our readers, please consider making a very  worthwhile donation by purchasing a brick for only $100. This is truly a  good cause and your name will be inscribed in one of the most beautiful  and patriotic memorials around. We ask that you think about it very  seriously and contact any one of our officers listed on our Officers  Page.  They  will be happy to share with you how you can make your donation.  Thank you very much for your time and thank you for your service. You  have made a difference to America!

Warm regards from all of us on the Post 416 Veterans Memorial Committee.



Dear Friends and Supporters of the Greendale Veterans Memorial,

We  hope this newsletter is informative, however, if you have any questions  please contact Tim Baranzyk (414-628-7081) or Ken Kieck, (414-421-8621)  or log on to our web site, at greendaleveteransmemorial.org for answers  to your questions.


On  September 15, 2015, The Greendale Village Board agreed to enter into a  Memorandum of Understanding with the Greendale Veterans Memorial  Committee to build the memorial at the northeast corner of Broad Street  and Southway. The terms and responsibilities of each party were  specified in this written agreement. We now have three years to raise  the required funds to build this memorial. Special thanks to the village  trustees, village staff and our legal counsel for making this happen.


The  Veterans Memorial Committee approved formation of a special fund  raising committee with Tim Baranzyk as the sub-committee chair. More  volunteers are needed to make this committee successful. With civilians  and veterans working together to develop lists of individuals and  corporations to solicit, we will achieve our financial goals. Contact  Tim Baranzyk (414-628-7081) for more information or to send prospective  donor names. We need this information!

Please  check our web site (greendaleveteransmemorial.org) for a picture of the  planned veteran’s memorial, tax deductible donation information, and  order forms to purchase a brick or block to memorialize all donations.  (Remember, you do not have to be a Greendale resident to purchase a  brick/block, nor do you have to be a veteran to make a  purchase/donation.) Make all checks payable to the American Legion  Foundation and write on the memo line “Greendale Veterans Memorial.” All  donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to verify each  donation. Those wishing to make a tax deductible donation without the  purchase of a brick/block should follow the same procedures.

We are very pleased to announce that VFW Post 10519 recently donated 

$500.00 toward the veterans’ memorial. Large donations like this help to 

move us toward the final goal.  


Our  web site (greendaleveteransmemorial.org) has been updated along with a  Face Book page with the latest information regarding progress on the  memorial. We appreciate the work of Kristin Dodds and Eileen Soto who  worked on these improvements. We also appreciate the work of Bob Naffier  who has added information to the Legion web page regarding events and  information connected with the memorial. All of this is designed to keep  our friends and supporters in the communication loop.

 Additional volunteers are needed for the Publicity Committee. Contact Tim  

 Baranzyk (414-628-7081) to add your name to the list of volunteers. Please  

 consider using your own Face Book page and email lists to inform friends,  

 relatives and neighbors about the memorial project. Not only Greendale  

 residents, but residents in surrounding communities have expressed an 

 interest in this memorial project. We appreciate their interest and support, 

 and hope they follow-up with a financial commitment.


Several  companies, including Northwest Mutual Insurance Company, GZA  Environmental, The Sigma Group, R.A. Smith, Inc. and Metropolitan Survey  have been instrumental in assisting the committee up to this point. All  their help is sincerely appreciated!

We  also appreciate the work of committee members Bill Kewan for the  original memorial design concepts, and Harold Krueger for the original  construction drawings. Their work provided the committee with a tangible  starting point for the final construction plans which is  being submitted to the Village Trustees and Village Planning Commission.

Contact  committee co-chair Ken Kieck if you have questions about the village  approval procedures or construction timelines. Special thanks to Ken for  his help in securing a donation of all the granite needed for this  memorial. His contacts in the construction industry have been invaluable  and saved the committee thousands of dollars.


The  Veterans Memorial Committee meets the second Monday of each month in  the American Legion Post 416 Squad Room, 6:30 to 8PM. They are accepting  new volunteers who would like to participate in a variety of important  activities. Discussion items include the possibility of holding another  pancake breakfast, selling advertising space on restaurant place mats,  promoting the sale of our pens and pins, another Vet Fest event, selling  more engraved bricks/blocks to those wishing to commemorate their  support of the memorial, and of course, a second movie showing of the  WWII documentary, “Lucky Strike.”

The  committee will continue to have a presence at the annual Fourth of July  parade, Village Days and Hay Days events, and donation buckets at  various village events. Also in discussion is the development of a power  point presentation which could be shown to various community groups in  order to increase their awareness of the veteran’s memorial project.


We  sincerely appreciate all veteran and civilian help in working to make  the Greendale Veterans Memorial a reality in the near future.

Tim Branzyk, Co-Chair tbaranzyk@wi.rr.com  
Ken Kieck, Co-Chair kjk4144218621@icloud.com
Jay Chadwick, Secretary chadwickjay47@gmail.com
Dave Pier, Treasurer 6351@sbcglobal.net
Sally Chadwick, Member salchadwick@hotmail.com
Bill Kewan, Member william.kewan@gmail.com
Harold Krueger, Member ww2soupac@gmail.com
Harold Kuehnel, Member hpkuehnel@sbcglobal.net
Bernie Schroedl, Member goodhopecemetery@sbcglobal.net
Dr. Tom Slota, Member thomasslota@gmail.com
Judy & Ron Wishman, Members judithw@wi.rr.com